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Dawood thinking about relocating to Delhi after Delhi Police fails to catch Somnath Bharti for 1 week

29, Sep 2015 By Gaurav Mittal

New Delhi: Somnath Bharti, the ‘Night Raider’ and Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) MLA is playing hide and seek with law enforcement authorities for last one week. He has successfully managed to ditch Delhi police.

Dawood Ibrahim contemplating settling in Delhi after Somnath Bharti incident
Dawood Ibrahim contemplating settling in Delhi after Somnath Bharti incident

Delhi police has explained its inability to nab Somnath Bharti by stating that Somnath Bharti is behaving like a hardened criminal and is constantly changing his sim cards.

The whole turn of events has inspired India’s most wanted Dawood Ibrahim to relocate to Delhi. As per leading media channel’s intelligence wing, a recent conversation caught by them revealed Dawood’s desire to come back to India.

In the conversation, Dawood can be heard saying, “If an Aam Aadmi such as Somnath Bharti can fool Indian Police for so many days, why the hell am I hiding in Pakistan? I can hide easily in Delhi and fool the police for years. I am taking a big risk by staying in Pakistan where anyone can be killed anytime and no one knows who is in power? Why not live in a safe country such as India? I can even enjoy IPL there and watch Indian movies in original print too.”

After this 2 minute conversation was played for 20 hours by news channel, strong reactions were received from everywhere.

Home minister has dared Dawood to better not enter India because as per him he will be brought back to India only by Indian authorities and if he tries to come by himself, it is not acceptable.

Pakistan as usual has denied Dawood presence in Pakistan and said that Dawood is already in Delhi.

Bringing back the focus on himself, Arvind Kejriwal spoke to our reporter. “All this is happening because Delhi Police is not under my government’s control. You give me Delhi police and I will give you Somnath Bharti as well as Don,” he said while clarifying that Don meant Somnath Bharti’s pet dog and not Dawood.