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Dead man confirmed as being a very good human being

09, Sep 2015 By @jurnoleast

Goa: Pascal D’Costa, who expired yesterday of natural causes, was confirmed today as being a good human being by friends and family.

Pascals tombstone
Pascals tombstone

Speaking at a condolence meet his friends took turns to say how much they valued Pascal as a friend and his how his untimely departure has created a void that would be impossible to fill. Some friends were also seen wearing ‘Being Good Human’ t-shirts with Pascals pic printed on it.

“Today I realized what a wonderful human being Pascal was. Till yesterday he was a drunkard who used to borrow money from friends and never return. But, suddenly I have realized that he was a ‘spirited man’. A happy go lucky soul who believed in living the good life. So what if he had the habit of borrowing money, at least we knew where the money went. We all pay taxes, but do you see it being used anywhere?” questioned Ambrose, a close friend of Pascal.

Peter, a classmate of the deceased, fondly remembers the day when Pascal slapped him for cheating on his girlfriend. “I still remember the day Pascal slapped me outside my house for some misunderstanding between us. It left a nice red impression on my cheek. If there were smartphones back then I would have definitely taken a selfie.”

Among the people who took to the dais, was Pascal’s school teacher, who had once thrown him out of class for not doing his homework, rued the fact that humanity had lost a visionary.

Mrs. D’Costa, inconsolable at the untimely death of her husband, too said a few words. “He used to come home drunk on many occasions. There were times when he used to beat me up for not giving him money, but still he took good care of me,” she said.

Friends of Pascal are planning to create a Facebook page dedicated to him to share fond memories. Some were also planning to have regular meetups in memory of Pascal while others were planning to get a confirmation certificate from government authorities that would validate the good-heartedness of the deceased.

Sources tell Faking News that having been a totally hateful and impossible person all his life, Pascal was contemplating joining politics of late. Had he joined it a couple of years back, his death would also have been “an irreparable loss to the nation”, experts claim.