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Delhi boy gets death penalty for saving a girl, case cited as ‘Rarest of rare’

12, Mar 2013 By Dharmesh Sharma

New Delhi. It was a normal night for Delhi with a few goons chasing a girl for 40 minutes while people passed by. Just when the passersby started feeling bad for the goons for going through this ordeal of having to chase for so long, something strange happened that shook up the brave bystanders.

An ordinary looking boy appeared from nowhere and jumped between the girl and the innocent looking goons, couple of them tender and juvenile enough to get away with rape or murder or both

Delhi protests
Some people are planning to protest against the verdict, but they will be lathicharged, sources confirm.

And to everyone’s disbelief, the boy successfully defended the girl and goons had to retreat. Unable to bear the shock, an overweight goon suffered a fatal heart attack and died on the spot.

Disappointed with the chain of events, crowd quickly got suspicious of the boy’s strange behavior and handed him over to the police.

It is exactly 3 months after the incident; a fast-track court today awarded death penalty to the boy citing this incident as “the rarest of the rare”.

“We have never come across a person in Delhi trying to help a woman in distress, this is clearly the rarest of the rare case that resulted in a death,” the court observed.

One of the underage goons was all in tears, “This solidifies my belief in Indian constitution. Thankfully I am just seventeen and still got plenty of chances but I feel for my friend who is no more.”

Talking exclusively to Faking News, the unknown megastar Rahul Bhos became very emotional about the whole episode.

“I wish it had not resulted in a death. That goon could have got a second chance. But I feel for the girl too, the act of the boy could have sent her in permanent coma,” he said pointing to the girl who was still sitting on a bench outside the court holding her head with her eyes wide open in disbelief.

Apart from the Mr. Bhos, Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dixit too upheld the verdict.

“After that incident, many men, including many close to me, felt insecure in Delhi. Law is not in the state government’s hand, but it does not mean we can let people take it in their own hands!” she said flashing a V-sign.