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Delhi boy gets thrashed by shopping mall security for not wearing sunglasses at night

02, Apr 2016 By chachachaudhary

New Delhi: A Delhi boy named Rahul Malhotra had to be admitted to AIIMS trauma centre after being beaten by security guards at Wannabe Celebrity Mall (WCM) at Delhi NCR.

Wear your sunglasses or risk getting thrashed
Wear your sunglasses or risk getting thrashed

Faking News correspondent Bonobos probed into the matter with some eyewitnesses.

One of the eyewitnesses Honey who was present at the WCM when the incident took place angrily told bonobos

He said, “I was there with a couple of friends when Rahul entered WCM, although he looked human only but me and my friends wondered something on him was unusual, Then we realized it was 9:45 in night  and he was not wearing any sunglasses that too  inside the mall. We thought he cannot be a human, but either an alien or a ghost. In Delhi this kind of criminal behavior is absolutely forbidden, we were just watching the incident from our eyes behind our wayfarers and aviators. I was just wondering what kind of security lapse was this.”

“I and my friends were shocked because last man without sunglasses in a mall in Delhi was spotted 6 years back and it never happened in WCM at least. Then we approached mall security who were helpful and swung into swift action. They took the accused to the security room, upon interrogation first thing we asked him as weather he was from outside and just landed in Delhi to which he replied in negative. He said he was born and brought up in Delhi and hasn’t gone outside Delhi since last 27 years,” Honey added.

“Then we realized what grave offence he had committed. Then the security showed some mercy and finally  asked him  whether somebody has stolen his sunglasses to which he replied why would I need sunglasses at night,” Honey said with bewilderment.

“Finally my friends and security decided that it was time to teach him a lesson, what did he think of himself, whether every other person inside the mall is a fool. And look at the shamelessness of that chap, even upon being beaten badly he did not utter ‘Tu Jaanta nahi mera baap kaun hai’ even once,” Honey said while rolling up his sleeves.