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Delhi boy who sold his kidney for iPhone 7 now selling Reliance Jio sims in black; wants his kidney back

16, Oct 2016 By sameer mahawar

New Delhi: A local boy from RK Puram, Dheeraj, has become the proud owner of the new iPhone 7. However, after buying the latest iPhone on the very first day of its Indian launch, Dheeraj is already regretting the purchase as he sold his kidney to arrange funds for the phone. Dheeraj is now trying to sell the 4 Jio sims he had purchased earlier to try and raise funds for  replacement kidney.

iPhone 7, did you buy one?

Speaking exclusively in an interview to Faking News which was shot using iPhone 7’s front camera, Dheeraj said, “To maintain my status in college, it was of prime importance to get updated to iPhone 7 as I didn’t want to get left behind my peers. Last time my dad financed my iPhone 6S, but this time he refused to give any donation. He even threatened to sell my 6S and give me an old Nokia 1100 if I ever asked him for a new iPhone again. I had no other option but to sell one kidney.”

“However, now I am worried what will happen if my other kidney resigns because I keep sending beer its way. Therefore I decided I must raise the funds to buy my kidney back from the hospital”, Dheeraj said.

“Reliance Jio has recently taken the telecom market by storm through its cheap plans and the free data for first few months. My uncle runs a  mobile store and had managed to get 4 Jio sims for me. I thought I will use all that free data for streaming porn but now I think, selling those sims in black to rise funds for my kidney will be more sensible. I’ll be selling in black in nearby areas to generate enough revenue to get my kidney back”, Dheeraj added.

“Moreover, using Reliance Jio connection in iPhone contradicts our high class status. One being heavily cheap and other bring enormously costly. Both can’t be used together. This is why I am not keeping any Jio Sim with me and will subscribe to some very expensive operator. Dilli wale hain, cheez chahe kaisi bhi ho, mehngi hogi to rutba badhega“, said Dheeraj and signed off.