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Delhi boy walks out of authentic Chinese restaurant after finding no paneer-based dish on menu

05, May 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

New Delhi. Latest in the series of walkouts, a Delhi boy Gaurav Puri, walked out of a South Delhi restaurant Chung’s Dragon with his two girlfriends and a side-kick after not been able to spot any dish remotely related to paneer on the menu. Earlier this week, a Mumbai boy had walked out of an Italian restaurant on not finding any vada pav on menu and a Bengaluru boy had walked out of a Japanese restaurant after not being served curd-rice after meal.

Gaurav later wrote a long scathing review of the Chung’s Dragon on a leading food-reviews website kadwakheera.com.

His review was as follows, “Went to an “authentic” Chinese restaurant today with couple of my friends. Friends said “paneer mangwa lo”. I said perfect. First of all this hotel’s menu card was bigger and bulkier than my IIT JEE prep books, took me a long time to go through. But even after looking through it for twenty minutes I was not able to fine even a single dish which had paneer in it. What kind of pathetic service is this?

No such dish as expected by Gaurav
No such dish as expected by Gaurav

If you go to any normal Chinese hotel you find Paneer Manchurian dry, Paneer Manchurian gravy, Paneer chilli, paneer tandoori and what not. Idhar to I was not able to find single paneer wala item. Then there was a “Thai delicacy” section, which had dishes with unimaginable names, pad thai, kung pow, phad lo, phad di, phat gayi …. abbe it’s a food menu or a gaali menu?” – Gaurav raised a serious cultural issue.

He further questioned some of the arrangements in the restaurant, “Why is there a Thai section in a Chinese menu? I know that Thailand is a part of China, my uncle is a geologist, so I know. But I am also well aware that their cuisines are completely different. And besides all this they have wasted a lot of money on futile decoration in the restaurant. There were two big ceramic ducks in a corner who were throwing out jets of water continuously, a big metal “ghanta” was installed in another corner, all waste of taxpayer’s money. Put that money in customer service yaar.”

My ratings:

Ambiance 2/10 (Ghanta … and ducks)

Service 0/10 (bad service, no paneer item on menu. Plus when I asked one waiter’s name he said Sunn Lee, but later he said it’s Sunil, wtf)

Food -2/10 (No paneer items, no gobhi items, no masala pappad, no jeera buttermilk, very bad service)

Wallet Factor 0/10 (Kimchi salad was some 160 bucks. Abbe you put chilli sauce on raw cabbage and sell for so high rates?)

Overall rating 0/10

Never going to this place again, unless someone else is paying,” Gaurav Concluded

While the restaurant owner has not yet replied to these accusations, Gaurav’s review does raise several key questions, which still remain unanswered.

Although for Gaurav having one bad experience has definitely not deterred his foodie spirit. Just after this visit he declared on twitter that he is now planning to visit an “authentic” Mexican restaurant next week with his friends.