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Delhi government to hide criminals behind police uniforms

02, Jun 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. Delhi government has decided to give police uniforms to criminals operating in the National Capital Region (NCR) to hide them from public view and to boost the visual security of the region. It’s not yet known if the criminals wrapped so under police uniforms would have any obligations to stop criminal activities, but the decision is being termed as a major step towards improving security in NCR.

“Apart from checking criminal activities in the region, it would also make sure that the foreign visitors during the Commonwealth Games get to witness a Delhi that has sufficient security forces in place, something that will allay the fears of terrorist attacks during the Games.” Chief Minister Sheila Dixit justified her government’s move.

Earlier, recruitment drives by Delhi Police had attracted huge crowds
Delhi government is confident that this time there would be more people turning up to appear like police than ever before

“It will make us presentable.” she added.

Such camouflaged criminals will be given a basic salary and other benefits currently available to the state police till the time Commonwealth Games are over. Government believes that such incentives will discourage criminals from committing crimes for the duration they are wrapped under police uniforms.

But not many agree.

“These guys are already making much more than what an ordinary policeman makes. Why would they even consider this offer by the government, let alone curbing their primary business after joining?” said Mahipal Singh, a police constable, currently suspended on charges of extorting money from a local sweets shop owner.

There were mixed reactions from criminals of NCR, some of whom thought that the idea was not that bad after all.

“I would take up this offer if they position me inside the commonwealth village where I can see the women athletes in sexy costumes. Monetary compensation would not be any constrain.” said Mimesh, a criminal last arrested for distributing MMS of a MBA student.

Delhi residents too had mixed reactions, with many of them welcoming the move.

“This step will not hide criminals, but on the contrary, will let us know the exact number of criminals in Delhi. At least I’d know the right level of threat now.” said Retd. Col. Nirmal Gupta, a resident of R K Puram who also runs his own private security agency.

“It won’t help me. Every other damn guy in Delhi looks like a criminal to me!” Smita, who recently shifted to Delhi from Mumbai, expressed her frustration.

“What’s new in this move? Wasn’t providing police uniforms to certain people always a move to hide criminals from the public view?” wondered Aashish, a final year B.A. student of Hindu College.

Despite these concerns and cynicism from certain sections, Delhi government is confident of implementing the step and making a considerable difference in the crime rate and level of preparation for the Commonwealth Games in the city.

“It won’t be difficult to identify and select criminals for uniform dissemination, we enjoy good relationships with them.” a Delhi police official said.