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Delhi guy puts up his own stall at Auto expo to show off his new car

03, Feb 2016 By @jurnoleast

New Delhi: A Delhi based businessman, desperate to show-off his new car, managed to buy a stall to display his brand new car at the Auto Expo 2016 currently taking place in the city.

Want to show off you car? Put your own stall at Auto Expo
Want to show off your car? Put up a stall at Auto Expo

Daljit Dhillon, who brought a new car to usher in the New Year was under a lot of stress lately as he has not been able to show off his car to his friends and neighbors and that led him to take the extreme step of putting up his own stall.

Speaking to Faking News from his stall at the Auto expo he said, “I was so happy with my new car and thought it was the best way I could welcome the New Year. Like every Delhiite, I was my duty to show-off my new possession to everyone I knew. I posted my ‘selfie with car’ on FB, sent them on twitter and Watsapp but there were hardly any likes or replies from my friends. I expected my neighbors to say ‘Dhillon saab kya baat hai nayi gaddi’, but that too didn’t happen.”

Mr. Dhillon also blamed Delhi CM for his problem saying that the odd-even plan made sure that his new car wouldtnt get enough exposure on the streets of Delhi. “I couldn’t take my car out for a ride on even days, on other days however I made sure my music system was turned to full volume with the latest Justin Beiber song. I must say that it did turn a few heads.

Mr. Dhillons attempt however didn’t go well with visitors at the Auto Expo. “We saw a middle aged scantily dressed man on top of a car at one particular stall. Don’t know what he was up to but it was an eyesore. Maybe he was trying to imitate the other stalls, but it was total failure,” said one visitor.

Sources within the organizing committee of the expo said that Mr. Dhillon was later asked to leave as many visitors complained that ‘a man was forcing them to have a look at his car’.

Daljit however refuses to give up. “Showing off my new car is my birthright and I shall have it. Maybe I should place a beef sandwich on top of my car. That will get the media wagging its tail. I may even get invited to prime time debates,” he said with a glow on his face, almost seeing his plan come to fruition.