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Delhi man buys car but fails to tell his entire neighborhood about it

16, Feb 2014 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. A 32-year-old man from Paschim Vihar today crossed all limits of logic by failing to flaunt his brand new Skoda Yeti car even after 48 hours of buying it.

Neighbors of Shiv Kohli are worried for his well-being as the buyer has made absolutely no noise about his new car.

Sources say that instead of zooming past the roads of his neighborhood playing loud Yo Yo Honey Singh songs, Shiv has been very politely going about his daily routine.

Skoda Yeti
There was no display of such daredevil stunts either.

“He didn’t even park the car in the middle of the road!” one of the worried neighbors told Faking News.

Shiv’s neighbors, who are not used to such etiquettes from his family, have been left totally dumbfounded by this development.

“We could sense something was amiss as there was absolutely no build up to this purchase but we thought it was probably a lull before storm,” confirmed Batra family living next to Kohli household.

“We were virtually prepared for the catastrophe and had even purchased ear plugs of highest quality,” Mr. Batra further added, “But it has been absolute silence, except for the occasional sounds of argument between him and his mother-in-law that our ears have now got completely accustomed to.”

Faking News tried to get in touch with other neighbors as well but was told that many of them had left the city for some days to an undisclosed location after rumors of Shiv buying a car started gaining momentum.

“People in the neighborhood normally plan their holidays around the time Shiv’s family buys any new thing,” confirmed the watchman of the area, “Last time they had bought a washing machine and the local dhobi relocated.”

Shiv’s neighbors still remember how his younger brother had once created a huge uproar in the entire mohalla by going on a number distributing spree after getting an iPhone. “He even gave free Micromax handsets to those who didn’t have mobile just so that he can give them his number,” a neighbor claimed.

But people are now scared and wondering why there was no furor this time round.

“Tell me how will you feel when all of a sudden you see Arnab Goswami conducting his debate in a civilized manner without interrupting anyone,” a neighbor shot back when Faking News asked what was there to get scared in it and feel uncomfortable about.