Monday, 6th April, 2020


Delhi Police to take strict action against the masked attackers, will make memes on them

06, Jan 2020 By Guest Patrakar

New Delhi. Violence broke out at JNU on Sunday as masked men armed with sticks attacked students and teachers and damaged property on the campus, prompting the administration to call in the police.


But there were many videos that showed how the police were watching the masked attackers leave the campus without taking action against them. But after severe allegations by people on social media police have finally decided to take strict action against the attackers. Delhi police will form a team of meme-makers to shame the attackers on the internet.

They will use movie dialogues, funny captions, and other interesting stuff on the net to create havoc in the life of the attackers. Delhi Police will also take training under the IT dept. of the Mumbai police which is famous for making memes on events in Mumbai.

Delhi Police chief spoke to FN and said “Be rest assured, action will be taken against all the attackers. No one will be spared. There will be a meme dedicated to all the attackers. But we will make sure their identity is not revealed, as that would be a violation of human rights. All our effort is going in protecting the students and common man of Delhi.”