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Delhi Police to have a three day camp with Rahul Dravid to learn how to defend themselves from lawyer attack

06, Nov 2019 By Guest Patrakar

New Delhi. Delhi Police claimed that the unprecedented protest by its personnel on Tuesday against beating up of their colleagues by lawyers did not hamper the work largely and they responded to public grievances. The policemen have asked their seniors to organize a camp with Rahul Dravid to learn the art of defending.

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This will help them defend themselves against the lawyers. Policemen have also demanded bodyguards to keep them safe throughout the day. Each policeman will be allocated a bodyguard.

At least 20 policemen and eight lawyers were injured and 20 vehicles were vandalized in Saturday’s clash at Tis Hazari court, which started over a wrongly parked vehicle. Rahul Dravid said that it would be an honor for him to teach defence to the people whose duty is to defend the citizens. But the lawyers are not far behind as they have organized a camp with Hardik Pandya to learn the art of attack.

It is to be seen which camp will take place first. But given the condition of the Delhi Police, we would hope that the Rahul Dravid camp starts first. After the Rahul Dravid camp, the policemen will request for a camp with Cheteshwar Pujara also to learn some more defensive techniques.