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Delhiite’s vocal-cords undergo transformation during 1 week US trip; speaks with American accent upon return

26, Feb 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

New Delhi: In what is being dubbed as a miracle in the fields of medical science and linguistics, Gagan Walia, a student at Delhi University has reportedly been able to transform his vocal cords so that he only speaks in English with a fluent American accent now.

According to his parents, this transformation happened during his one week trip to the US, from where he has returned just two days back.

Open Mouth
“I’m a changed man”

Gagan’s father Gurcharandas Walia said, “At first when Gagan puttar spoke like that we were shocked. We were not able to understand a word of what he was saying. He had just returned from 1 week trip to US where he stayed with his uncle’s family in New Jersey. We thought he had caught some foreign disease so we immediately rushed him to the Apollo hospital. When doctors diagnosed him they said that he was physically fit and fine but his vocal cords had undergone a transformation. My wife even started crying thinking Gagan has developed a serious throat ailment of some kind, but doctor clarified that it is infact a scientific miracle which they have never seen before.”

Dr. Jean Grewal at Apollo was able to confirm these reports – “This change which Gagan has experienced is nothing but a level 5 mutation, something which we can call an adaptive mutation. This is something similar to how a lizard transforms its body color to adapt to surroundings. This adaptation happened when Gagan was subject to a new culture and language. Hence, we are going to keep him in close observation and have him virtually experience different cultures in our laboratory. We will keep on taking structural snapshots of his vocal cords to see how they change their shape and texture. This research will enable us to develop drugs which will help tourists going to different countries, quickly alter their vocal cords and hence transform their accents to adapt to environment.”

While Gagan’s family is happy at this discovery, some religious groups started nation-wide protests against this development asserting that Gagan has allegedly converted to the Christianity to enable himself to speak in American accent. But when it was clarified that Gagan and his family plan to stick to their current religion, the protests were withdrawn.