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'Dentist trust toothpaste more than their wives', reports survey from toothpaste company

22, Nov 2017 By AdityaSachan

A survey conducted by one of the most leading, most selling, most trustworthy and most recommended toothpaste PepsoCoal Senstivity has revealed a shocking and uncomfortable truth about dentists. It says that their toothpaste is not only most trusted but even when compared to dentists spouses, the toothpaste is more trusted. Dentists always feel their special bond with toothpaste. And it is now a proven fact with this study.

Dr. Dambhar Lal, a popular dentist in New Delhi says, “Yes, when it comes to making the circle of trust. We dentists always put toothpaste at the center of it. Everyone and everything else revolves around it. We start our education in BDS( Bachelor of Dental Surgery) after making a firm relation with one specific toothpaste of our choice. And it is not easy. The toothpaste and your personality should match. You should possess same characteristics. Only after this firm relationship, you truly are called Dentist. And this bond is special.”

Dr. Kanti Dant agrees to the survey and adds, “I remember while most of my cousins who did engineering were asked to repair scooters and computers by neighbors in which they always failed. I was only asked to recommend toothpaste. And irrespective of mood, environment, this question always came immediately after I introduced myself. Last year, after demonetization happened, when all my family members including my 5 year old daughter had great knowledge and opinion about economics, even then people asked me which brand toothpastes I will recommend to people with and without black money. I then realized with power comes responsibility. Now at backside of my visiting card I have mentioned recommended toothpastes.”