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Devout landlord suspects his tenant of cooking non-veg, conducts a CBI style raid

18, Nov 2015 By Hemant Bijapurkar

New Delhi: A local landlord Mr Sethji, a devout vegetarian who had long suspected his tenant(name withheld on request cos if revealed he might never get a flat again) of cooking Non-Veg finally conducted a raid at his house at 10:00 PM Friday.

A raid that will put even the navy seals to shame
A raid that will put even the navy seals to shame

Mr Sethji who doesn’t eat even garlic or onion expects the same level of piousness from his tenants.

He spoke to us, “Initially I was thinking of forbidding even garlic and onions from being cooked but after being advised by my broker that it would seriously affect the rent amount, I reluctantly relented. Now I don’t understand why my tenants can’t make a similar amount of sacrifice by turning vegetarian. I became suspicious of my current tenant when he always used to spray deodorant every time I visited to ask for rent. He explained that it used to be to welcome me, but seriously who would welcome you whenever you arrived to plunder all their monthly savings. Plus he always used to go scrambling into the kitchen and open-shut cupboards, which aroused my suspicion.”

The landlord decided to carry out this raid after receiving positive Intel form a gossipy neighbor. He arrived with two of his sons and started tossing the whole house upside down.

The professionalism, speed, attitude of the raiders would even put the Navy seals to shame. After the raid the final contraband amounted to 8 eggs, 2 chicken legs(1 week old), 1/2 kg frozen chicken and mutton 2 pyaza which was on the stove.

The whole seized loot was then rounded up by his 2 kids who are closet Non -Vegetarians and taken to their hideout to be enjoyed later.

The landlord was secretly disappointed when there was no beef uncovered as it would have given him a license to beat the hell out of his tenant.

They have reportedly reached a deal where the tenant has agreed to a 10% increase in his rent in exchange of him being allowed to live there.