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Diet cold drink manufacturer gives free burgers to boost plunging sales

04, Jun 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

Diet sodas are prominently displayed at fast-food chains, in vending machines, general stores, and supermarkets. Year after year, soft drinks have been popularised by persuasive and aggressive advertising campaigns run by beverage companies. But people have still not taken the taste of these bitter colas compared to the normal ones with calories. Selling diet colas in Indian market is a challenge and one such company named ‘khulke Pila’ a rival to Coca-Cola has taken help of an innovative method to boost sales. ‘Khulke Pila’ has started providing free burgers with their diet soda so that people are attracted to it.


Khulke Pila was seeing its cola sales going down severely in the last 4 months. Soon it did a market research and found that people do still like the one containing calories. SO instead of adding sugar to the diet drink, they started providing free burgers with the diet sodas. People have started buying the colas due to the attraction of the burgers. Many forget to believe the fact that Diet cola doesn’t help in weight reduction, what it does is prevent weight increase due to empty calories in normal colas.

Buying a 2 liter cola will give you big cheeseburgers free. Now, this sounds like an amazing marketing strategy. It doesn’t matter if the person drinks the cola or not, what matters is that he will buy the cola to get the free burgers. One such diet cola lover Shwetank Srivastava told us,” Buying diet cola was a complete waste as I always ate junk food at every opportunity and drinking cola was just a fashion exercise for me, but now I will actually start saving a lot of money as I will get cola + burgers at the cost of a cola.”