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Dinosaur eggs vandalized again, locals write "I love you" on them

11, Oct 2009 By Pagal Patrakar

Chennai. Barely three days after we heard the worrying news of many of the dinosaur eggs being stolen by some people, now comes the shocking news about the fossilized eggs being vandalized.

This time around people have carved love-messages like “I love you” on the eggs and have left theirs and their beloved’s initials and names imprinted upon them. The incident is threatening the dinosaur eggs of extinction.

“People have carved out heart shapes and various other stuffs on these eggs. Now it will be really difficult for us to differentiate the human made shapes from the natural made ones. And if, god forbid, somebody might have carved out any religious shape like a Cross, Swastika or Allah in Arabic, our whole study would go for a toss. There would be claims that those shapes were natural and a proof of existence of the respective gods, and any attempt to argue to the contrary will push us in deep shit,” R D Venkateshwaram, a local geologist said.

Various dinosaur eggs have been disfigured with such romantic slogans
Various dinosaur eggs have been disfigured with such romantic slogans

The geologists and scientists have not been able to start their studies yet even though it’s been almost a week since the eggs were found by a river bed at Senthurai village in Ariyalur district of Tamil Nadu. Geologists are awaiting the required documents and permissions from ministry of environment and forests, ministry of higher education, animal husbandry department, district administration, traffic police, local land owners and community leaders.

Fearing further delay before they get full access and control over the eggs, the geologists and various activists have appealed to the people to control their emotions and not write any more romantic slogans on the fossilized eggs, which are supposed to be almost 65 millions years old.

“It doesn’t make sense to write your and your lover’s name on dinosaur eggs. What kind of message will that give? Dinosaurs are extinct and their eggs are not supposed to evolve now. If you write messages of love on them, it means you love won’t evolve further, isn’t it?” one of the activists tried to argue and convince a crowd of people by the river bed, who waited for their turn with chisels and hammers to fossilize immortalize their love story.

The appeals of the activists may not work as Indians are known to be intensely romantic in such matters. Sociologists are divided over the reasons and solutions for such behaviour by the Indians.

“It’s a manifestation of pent-up desires that accumulate due to the fact that we Indians are too conservative to allow public display of affection. People feel the pressure and indulge in such acts. I guess public smooching and kissing should be allowed and it might release some of those pressures,” British Kandy, a sociologist reasoned and proposed a solution.

But not many believe that the solution by Mr. Kandy is optimal as a research into the romantic slogan writing on historical monuments has suggested that most of the slogans were the work of one-sided and unrequited lovers. The other sets of sociologists believe that allowing public smooching and kissing could further frustrate these one-sided lovers and deeply aggravate the problem.

“I believe we should have special romantic graffiti walls in each city, especially in cities where we have historical monuments or other stuffs like dinosaur eggs, and people should be allowed and encouraged to write such stuff over there.” Prem Pujari, another sociologist proposed another solution.

Meanwhile no solution seems to be in sight over how to stop the vandalism and loot of the dinosaur eggs.