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Distributors of Mysore Pak are worried people might boycott the sweet because it contains 'Pak', decides to name it Mysore 'Chakh'

12, Oct 2015 By dasu

Mysore: After the cancellation of Ghulam Ali concert and Khurshid Kasuri’s book launch in Mumbai, the distributors of popular sweet Mysore Pak are worried that the name ‘Pak might motivate some people to boycott the sweet.

Mysore Chakh, equally tasty but not as offensive to some people
Mysore Chakh, equally tasty but not as offensive to some people

The leading distributor of the sweet Ambar Mithaiwala spoke to us on the condition of anonymity. Ambar said, “The name Mysore, I can understand because the sweet is originated from this city, not sure why they added the name ‘Pak’ to it. Went through Wikipedia, but there is no mention who gave this name and for what reason. We have never seen a down turn for Mysore Pak market. To cater to the new generation of sweet eaters, we have added new variants of Mysore Pak and recently for diabetic & health conscious people we have introduced sugarless type.”

“Sales for this year have been good till now, but we expect a lot from the upcoming festival season. Looking at the news reports we hear every day, we are afraid in near future some people might take a note of its peculiar name and start disliking our popular sweet for containing the word ‘Pak’, he said.

“Moreover we want to be ahead of the curve and take necessary steps to avoid any unnecessary controversy. Before people take a note of this and start thinking because of the name, may be the sweet is originated from some parts of Pakistan, we thought of changing the name. After much deliberation, we thought Mysore Chakh will be a better alternative. Below we will add a new tag line taste of Mysore, Ambar added.

When we pointed to Mr. Ambar there are people in India like Delhi CM who does not have any problem with the word Pak, Ambar said, “Yes, being a fighter he is, he would definitely fight for us. He might suggest, sell the sweets from Delhi only if there are protests from other parts of India. Not sure all our sweet vendors will agree to shift to Delhi to set up sweet shops as sometimes his own party members like Alka Lamba who went out of control and vandalized a sweet shop, so there is chance some will be afraid. Also with so many variants of Delhi sweets, Mysore Chakh might lose its identity”.

Ambar concluded by saying “We are sweet distributors, do not want our politicians to play politics with our sweet. We want people to enjoy our sweet as they have done over the years and remember this is just a name change, the taste of Mysore will remain the same”