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Divorced man not allowed to withdraw 2.5 Lakhs for wedding, bank says repeat offenders not eligible

08, Dec 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Lucknow: 36 yrs old Anmol Srivastava was shocked when he was not allowed to withdraw 2.5 Lakhs from his bank this morning. Anmol needed the cash for his wedding that is going to take place in 2 weeks time. This is Anmol’s second marriage, he divorced his first wife after 4 years of marriage.

Learn from mistakes, do it only once

As per the rules that have been introduced after demonetisation, a person is allowed to withdraw 2.5 Lakhs cash for miscellaneous wedding expenses after furnishing proof of the wedding. However, bank refused to let Anmol make the withdrawal saying that they aren’t going to support repeat offenders.

“One mistake is allowed for everyone so we don’t mind letting people withdraw 2.5 Lakhs if it is their first marriage. However, we must not encourage repeat offenders who are determined to make the same mistake again and again. Experienced people like Anmol should know better and if they don’t, we should do whatever we can to get them to the right path”, said bank manager Mr Shukla who denied Anmol’s request.

“He came to me with all the documents and I was about to approve his request when he told me that this is his 2nd marriage. I was enraged with his stupidity, bhai you made a mistake but God rescued you, now you want to make that mistake all over again? No way, I won’t be a party to this. He can manage with cheques or cards or cancel the wedding, it is his choice”, Shukla Ji added.

When we asked Shukla Ji if he is married, he said, “I was till 8th November, now I haven’t seen my wife for a month since I am staying in the bank 24 hrs a day so I am not sure about the current status.”