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Delhi Metro to reserve one coach for the 'Reading Community'

24, Mar 2015 By batraman

In a historic move to regain the trust of the reading minority that uses its service, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has announced that the second coach of all six and eight coach metro trains shall be reserved for those who wish to read without being disturbed. Special Metro Cards will be launched for newspaper vendors which would allow them to travel beyond the usual 170 minutes to sell their stock as well.

Now they can have their privacy.
Now they can have their privacy.

Earlier, there were various cases of harassment experienced by the Newspaper reading class, wherein all passengers within 10 meters of a newspaper would start staring shamelessly at the reader and inappropriately touch the reader, at the pretense of trying to read the headlines. Many readers had also been given life threats for refusing to share the Sports section of their newspaper.

Bookworms, the shy Metro users who had also lobbied for the reservation, when asked for a comment, refused to speak. However, it is now estimated that a bookworm would be able to read at least 10 sentences at a stretch before being asked the infamous question, “Kaunsi book hai?” as opposed to the 2.5 sentences they could read earlier.

“This shall provide much relief to hard working students who have to travel daily for an hour to coaching institutes,” said Shikhar, an IIT aspirant.

The DMRC has further stated that the plan relies on the vigilance of the reading community and surprise security checks to help facilitate this shift. Various Women safety groups have applauded the action as a revolutionary method to further protect the female passengers from predatory males, with the reading coach serving as a Chinese wall.

What remains to be seen is what measures the DMRC would take to prevent these predatory males from secretly entering the reading coach to ogle at the female passengers from behind a Newspaper or a book, and whether this move will fuel acts of Metro rage during rush hours.