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Doctor fails to send patient for unnecessary medical test, patient doubts doctor’s credentials

20, Sep 2016 By @jurnoleast

Suresh Kumar, a businessman from Delhi has been complaining non-stop about the declining standard of medical facilitates in Delhi thanks to a trip to his family doctor last week.

CBC, X-ray, Ultrasound and a few antibiotics for your common cold and you will be fine
CBC, X-ray, Ultrasound and a few antibiotics for your common cold and you will be fine

Apparently, Mr. Kumar who was suffering from common cold, decided to pay a visit to the local doctor and seek treatment. But he was disappointed after the doctor gave him a few pills, advised bed rest and sent him back without asking for a blood test.

“Previously whenever I visited my doctor, he’d ask me to do a medical test and give me loads of antibiotics for treating my cold. But this new doctor has not asked any of that. Now I seriously doubt his credentials. I think he is some kind of a quack,” said Suresh, still wondering if he should seek a second medical opinion.

After Suresh expressed his concern on social media, many others joined in with their own experiences about how good doctors were hard to find.

“Every person with a stethoscope around his neck thinks that he is a doctor, but people should think twice and stay away from phonies. I am happy that I have a good family doctor. Just a few weeks back I had taken my wife to our doctor to get her tummy bloating issue treated and the doc asked to get a caesarian done. Isse accha doctor kahan milega puri Dilli mein,” said Manpreet Arora, a car dealer.

With people of the capital asking for better medical services, the AAP Govt. has promised to take action against doctors who are found guilty of ‘deficiency of service’.

“We will soon be announcing ‘Minimum Prescription Requirements’ that will have to be followed by every doctor irrespective of the disease to be treated. Mandatory blood test and antibiotic course is also in the offing. Those who fail to abide, will have their license cancelled,” said a GOvt. official.

Few from medical fraternity are treading cautiously and have put the blame on increasing number of patients wanting to get admitted to hospital to look ‘cool’.

“I had a woman come to me the other say with viral fever but wanted to get admitted in the hospital so that she could share ‘hospital selfies’ on Watsapp and FB, just to get sympathy from her friends,” said a reputed doctor from AIIMS.