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Doctor leaves behind nurse in patient's abdomen after operation, gets suspended

14, Sep 2015 By @jurnoleast

New Delhi: A doctor at a leading hospital in Delhi was suspended after it was found that the doctor had left behind a nurse in the patient’s abdomen after performing operation.

More interested in tweeting than treating
More interested in tweeting than treating

None of the medical staff realized the negligence till the family members of the nurse filed a missing person’s complaint.

A source close to this development spoke to Faking News and said, “The suspended doctor is addicted to social media, especially twitter. He is more active on twitter than in medical emergency rooms. Seniors issued him a warning previously, but it had little effect on him. It’s not surprising that something like this happened.”

Apparently, it was not just the negligent doctor, but the entire staff inside the emergency room was busy with their smart phones. Some say the operation was performed on social media, with doctors sharing information on FB and Watsapp.

The goof up took place when the nurse Leelamma Manickam went back inside the patient to retrieve her smart phone, which she had accidentally left behind. “I was clicking selfies in the operating room, when I accidentally dropped my iPhone6s inside the patient. Since it was a brand new phone, I couldn’t leave it behind, so I went in. But before I could come back, the operation was complete and I was left inside,” said a visibly shaken Leelamma.

Government authorities have taken this matter seriously and have issued a warning to ‘doctors at large’. “Doctors leaving scissors, mobile phones inside patients during surgery can be tolerated. But leaving a living being inside is totally not acceptable. I think another ban, probably on smart phones could solve the problem,” said a government source.

Meanwhile, the patient’s family had to go through a harrowing time due to the doctor’s negligence. The goof up by the hospital was not the only headache faced by the patient’s family. The family had too foot a huge bill as cost of the medical procedure.

“First they messed up the operation. Then, instead of compensating us for the negligence, they have added the gynecologist’s fees are ‘delivery charges’ for removing the nurse from the abdomen,” said a relative of the patient.