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Doctor with clear and readable handwriting found fraud

07, Jul 2014 By samkit369

Mumbai: A 34-year-old doctor has been arrested after he was allegedly found to have been treating patients in a clinic here for over seven years using fake certificates, police sources tell Faking News.

The accused, Jabbar Ali Rustom, who has been running his own clinic since February 2007, was arrested from his residence this morning after a patient found his conduct “highly unusual and suspicious”, Assistant Police Commissioner Anil Kuchnabole said.

An acceptable sample of handwriting from a doctor

The police acted on an FIR by one of Rustom’s patients Ram Kapoor, who visited the doctor for the first time. Ram had normal fever and cold. Upon checking Ram, Rustom prescribed him a few tablets from a nearby chemist.

The moment he wrote the prescription, Ram’s eyes got bigger and eyebrows got raised. Ram wasn’t wearing his specs, but he could still read each and every letter in the prescription– the hand writing was as clear as a pearl, and prescription appeared as clear and readable as typed on an MS Word doc with 14 point Arial font.

Ram immediately understood that something was wrong and looked at the doctor with suspicion. After coming out of the clinic, he directly went to the nearby Police Station and lodged an FIR.

The police acted immediately as they had never come across such a case before. They sent the Prescription letter to the Forensic Department at Kalina. VK Mishra, the Forensic Handwriting Expert, took only one look to confirm that such handwriting could not belong to any Doctor.

VK Mishra has solved over 560 cases in his career. He also conducts counseling. He says, “We have many parents visiting us with their kids and their handwritings. They ask us all sort of questions, as to how to improve and what should they become once they pass the 10th standard exams. For parents who want their kids to become doctors, I don’t ask the kid’s grades. I ask them to write something. If it’s scribbled illegibly, I directly say– Mubarak ho, tumhare ghar Doctor paida hua hai.”

“You don’t need good grades or an ultra-smart brain to become a Doctor,” Mishra continued, “The basic requirement is shabby handwriting, something which only you, your compounder, and the nearby chemist can understand. So this was a clear case. In my 36 years long career, I have never come across any doctor with such handwriting.”

Once confirmed by the forensic tests, police proceeded to file a case of fraud against Dr. Jabbar Ali Rustom. The case was booked under various sections of IPC, including sections 336 (Act endangering life or personal safety of others), 420 (cheating and dishonestly inducing delivery of property), 465 (forgery), and 466 (Forgery of record of court or of public register).

Police is also contacting earlier patients of Dr. Rustom and asking them why they didn’t report the matter earlier. Police is also asking them to see a new doctor with pathetic handwriting in case their ailments had not been cured fully by Dr. Rustom’s clear prescriptions.

“We are also planning to have a ceremony to felicitate the complainant Ram Kapoor for his alertness and sharpness to understand things. Our city needs more alert citizens like him. Clean Mumbai, Green Mumbai, Safe Mumbai,” Assistant Police Commissioner Anil Kuchnabole said.