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Doctors advise obese men to go to engineering college mess to lose weight

30, Nov 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

New Delhi: Ramavtar Bhardwaj who is resident of West Delhi very recently started consuming all 3 meals at mess of Kanchenjunga Hostel at IIT Delhi and claims to have lost 17 Kgs in a span of 2 weeks.

Nothing better than mess food to lose weight
Nothing better than mess food to lose weight

According to sources the mess food has been so difficult to consume for Bhardwaj that he is barely able to eat anything and hence losing several kilos and inches on daily basis.

Bhardwaj who was also called “Bhaari” by his friends, owing to his bulky build, is now a content man. He addressed reporters outside IIT main gate and said, “Main kaafi mota ho gaya tha, aur pareshaan rehta tha. Mere baal bhi girne lage the. At 157 Kgs of weight I was totally lost with life. My wife who is a fashion model and is size zero was also very frustrated with my growing tummy and thighs.”

He then showed some black and white photos of him sulking, getting frustrated and breaking stuff in anger.

He continued, “And then I was introduced to hostel mess food (HMF) at IIT Delhi. To be honest this HMF diet has been a boon in disguise for me. The liquidy salted soup which they call daal, and large white chewing-gum which they call naan have just blown the daylights out of me. Only on Monday they made shahi paneer which was tastier than usual stuff, but the paneer part got over in just 12 minutes after start of lunch, post which everyone else got just gravy. Having this kind of food day in and out 3 times a day has actually killed my desire to have any food at all. I literally drag myself to the mess and sometimes I just come back after drinking 3 glasses of water.”

Bhardwaj’s wife Komal Kohli Bhardwaj who is a fashion model was all praises for HMF diet.

She said, “We tried, DLCC, ABCD, what not. Gym, yoga, acupuncture nothing f**king worked. Bhaari didn’t even lose 100 grams despite going through all these methods, but because of this HMF diet he has lost whopping 17 Kgs.  Yesterday I went and met the butlers and cooks who prepare and serve the HMF diet in the hostel and thanked them. I even presented a bouquet to the head-cook. Can’t thank them enough. If Bhaari continues for a couple of weeks more he would no longer be a “Bhaari” and I would finally be able to take him to fashion week after parties.”