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Dogs getting smarter, besides ragpickers and beggars, they are now barking at engineers too

19, Aug 2014 By idiot420

Bangalore. A study conducted by a group of scientists claims that street dogs are getting smarter with time, because besides ragpickers and beggars, they also love to bark at engineers.

Earlier, after multiple cases of dogs barking at IT professionals and engineering students were reported, local administration had formed a committee to study and analyze the reasons behind the trend.

Situation is becoming more and more hostile for engineers.

“We were afraid that dogs could chase away the professionals and IT businesses out of the city, so we decided to act,” revealed Krishna Shankaramurthy, a Karnataka government representative.

However, research shows that the problem is not specific to Bangalore.

“It’s a general behavioral change that Indian dogs are undergoing, and for some reasons they are treating engineers, ragpickers and beggars in the same way,” Mr. Shankaramurthy claimed.

Scientists say that one of the possible causes behind the dogs confusing engineering students with ragpickers could be the similarity in their bathing habits.

“It’s common for college students to not take bath for weeks. So, may be their body odor remind dogs of ragpickers,” argued Dr. Raman Gupta, head of the committee formed by the local government, adding that many engineers carry the same habit even after getting a job, which explains why dogs are barking at IT professionals.

The committee has requested engineering colleges and IT companies to issue strict orders to engineers, asking them to take bath daily and to wear neat and clean clothes.

“If appropriate measures are not taken to check this behavioral shift in dogs, days are not far when nobody would want to become an engineer,” Dr. Gupta told Faking News.

“Government should control the mushrooming engineering colleges to bring back the respect associated with this profession and companies should pay engineers well,” he suggested.

Meanwhile the report has sent shockwaves across the Indian middle class, but parents are still in no mood to give any relief to their children.

“Barking dogs seldom bites. I don’t want my son to do something else just because few dogs will bark at him,” reasoned father of a class 12th student, who has been asked to become an engineer.