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Dowry of balding engineer decreasing at his hair loss speed, family in hurry to marry him off

24, Jul 2014 By idiot420

Lucknow. Chaman Lal, a balding engineer in his mid twenties, is facing serious trouble in cracking a perfect dowry deal due to constant hair fall.

Chaman’s hair fall problem started around a year back, but it was in January this year when his parents realized its negative impact on cashing him off.

Save hairs, only 40,000 left.

“Last year, when Chaman’s head was completely covered with hair, I checked his market value after consulting experts from dowry business. They had valued him something around Rs 12 lakh in cash and a Hyundai i20,” Daman Lal, Chaman’s father, disclosed his son’s worth in 2013.

But Chaman’s market value started falling with his falling hair soon after, and within a period of 6 months, it was reduced to Rs 9 lakh in cash and the car model downgraded from Hyundai i20 to Hyundai i10.

Chaman’s father was so shocked, he took around a week to recover from the mental trauma caused by the loss.

“I never realized that the hair, which our maid was sweeping away every morning and throwing in the garbage bin, was so precious!” Mr Daman Lal continued, “If his hair fall continues at this rate, who knows, we may have to settle down with a second hand Maruti 800.”

Panicked Chaman’s parents have begun a massive search operation to find a suitable bride for him before his it’s too late.

“We have informed all our relatives and created Chaman’s account on all matrimonial sites. I will not let him go Kingfisher’s way,” averred Chaman’s uncle, a stock broker by profession.

However, with each passing month, Chaman’s value is decreasing despite taking hair control treatment from likes of Dr Batra.

Meanwhile, doctors have advised Chaman to relax and not worry too much about the falling dowry rate, as the stress caused by that might further speed up the hair fall rate.