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Drugged canteen food responsible for making students blindly follow college rules: FN Investigation

23, Sep 2015 By yenceesanjeev

Chennai: A popular Engineering college’s rule list has caused quite a stir in the country recently as human activists and news anchors took up this ‘brand new’ issue which has been around for a decade.

Effect of having college canteen food
Effect of having college canteen food

While the focus has completely been on what the girls were wearing and bringing to college, experts have no answer to the million dollar question as to how are the students following these rules?

We asked this to an Arts college student and he said, “How dare they impose such rules. If it would’ve been us, we would’ve gone on a strike.”

FN decided to investigate this matter and interviewed over 40 Engineer students chosen at random and this is when they discovered of the horrifying truth.

The answer lies in one rule that hasn’t come up in any FB post or discussion, which is, that students must only eat the college canteen food.

Harmless as it sounds, this is how the colleges have managed to keep the student crowd under their control and get them to follow their rules without raising a finger. These colleges charge over 20,000 per year for serving unlimited meals at the canteen and it has been found that the college managements adds a dose of ‘Panimlara Josephitius’, a dangerous drug that will cause the consumer to forget everything except his desire to score a 10 CGPA, to the breakfast and lunch every day.

Ranjith, a fresher, acknowledges that the drug has transformed him completely from a rule breaker to someone who now follows each and every rule. “I bunked 90% of the lectures in my first semester. But now after regularly having canteen I have not missed a single lecture,” he said.

This drug has an interesting effect on adults over 40 as it convinces them that their son/daughter is worthless if he/she doesn’t score a 10 CGPA. Once they taste the college food during admission time, the parents are instantly convinced that their wards must be admitted to this institution.

To understand the lasting effect of this drug, we spoke to an ex student, Venkatraman, who now works night shift for one of the low paying BPOs. He said, “My entire life changed after college. I was a rebel in my school but now I have this urge to abide by rules and not oppose anything. Even when I’m made to work during weekends.”

Venkat a.k.a VIKI as he’s known to his customers works really hard at his job only to receive a mediocre appraisal rating. This too, surprisingly, doesn’t have any effect on him. We suspect a tie up between colleges and companies at the time of placements to deliver such students who turn out to be obedient employees.

We tried reaching out to the college dean for his comments but he was not available. However, we did manage to find out that the dean packs lunch from his home.