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DSLR friend busy capturing 'halwai' instead of 'bidai' at wedding

29, Nov 2013 By Shaitaan Khopdi ™

Bangalore: Nikunj Soni, a 26 year old software engineer who bought a bulky DSLR camera 2 months back has managed to piss off more people in last 3 days than the total number of photos he has taken.

Nikon's Facebook DP for 2 years now.
Nikon’s Facebook DP for over 2 years now

Nikon Sony, as Nikunj likes himself to be called had bought a DSLR camera recently and since then he has been behaving as if he was born to be a photographer. The confidence gained from holding DSLR and inspiration from 3 Idiots made him realize that photography is his childhood passion. He decided to quit the job and in his farewell mail he wrote, “Run after excellence, success will follow. I am running. Are you?”

A fateful incident happened when he went to attend his friend Abhishek’s wedding. Abhishek who didn’t know that Nikon was at best an amateur in this art agreed to have him as wedding photographer. According to his friends, Nikunj has been a constant pain for his colleagues from the time he bought DSLR camera.

One of Abhishek’s relatives told Shaitaan Khopdi™ what actually happened: “This guy was acting weird from the day one. We all were dancing during Baraat, Kanpur wale Chachaji and Ludhiyana wale Mausa ji had just started Nagin Dance and he was taking pictures of Band baja walas, stray dogs and road side beggars in high resolution. Even during ‘Jaymaal’ (Garland exchange) Nikon was busy taking pic of Jhoomer, doors, windows and crockeries etc.”

“Final blow came at the time of ‘Bidai’. Rather than taking pics of teary eyed Bride he chose to click ‘Ram Aasre’ Halwayi (Cook) who was going into nearby field for early morning rituals. Nikon kept clicking his constipated looking face for 15 minutes until Ram Aasre literally fell into his feet begging to let him go because he could not control it anymore. Nikon later bragged about it, saying he has captured the saddest emotions during Bidayi. What an Idiot!!!”

Nikon finally handed over the 735 pics taken during wedding. It took Abhishek 8 hours to filter out 700 unwanted photos.

Meanwhile Nikon is unaffected and has refused to acknowledge his failure by calling it a learning curve. As his friends started avoiding him, he was recently seen explaining the nuances of photography to the ‘Chotu’ of a road side Tea stall. Chotu was also showing keen interest in his photos since Nikon gulped down 8 cup of tea, 2 omelets and 5 Maggie’s within two hours.

When his friends told him that ‘Chotu’ has no understanding of photography, Nikon said “Mitron, Mai poochna chahta hoon ki kya is desh me ek Chaiwala hona gunah hai?” His friends stopped arguing with him after this point.