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Due to cash crunch, grooms wearing a coin locket instead of a garland of notes during weddings

22, Nov 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: Lack of currency notes in circulation after demonetization has affected many people, one of the worst affected ones are the people with weddings scheduled in November-December.  An industry that ran almost entirely on cash is now being forced to come up with new ideas to reduce the cash usage during the wedding.

Rupee coin
Latest fashion among grooms

During almost every Indian marriage, groom is garlanded with a garland made out of currency notes, the denomination of the notes varied as per the budget of the wedding party. However, with precious little cash available now, people are using a locket made of a single rupee coin.

Even though the government has relented a bit and instructed banks to release 2.5 Lakhs from the account of anyone who has a wedding in the family, it is not proving enough. After all the payments to everyone, there is no cash left with anyone to make a garland full of notes. The procedure to get that 2.5 Lakh amount is also so long that people are likely to miss their own wedding if they busy themselves with withdrawing that amount.

“What else can we do man, can’t send out the groom for his baraat with a bare neck. Now that we don’t have any cash, at least we can give him this one rupee locket, shagun ho jayega”, said Ramesh Kumar, a 56 yrs old man whose son is getting married.

Further, Ramesh added,”In old age, our son is our only support. If he gets upset, then I am afraid he will send us to a cheap old age home. We don’t want to give him any reason to get upset, therefore, we want to ensure his marriage takes place as lavishly as possible under the given circumstances. Now this 1 Rupee coin was all that was left with us after making all the payments.”

Meanwhile, Government has agreed to replace Eclairs collected at home with 1 Rupee coins for people who can prove that there is a wedding taking place in their home.