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Emotional techie returns ‘Employee of the Year’ award after client finds a production bug in the application he coded

14, Oct 2015 By Beer & Biryani

Bangalore: A young IT employee from India’s Silicon Valley has reportedly returned his ‘Employee of the Year’ award to the management after a deep introspection on the events that led to a production bug, 30 days after a crucial product launch.

Bug-free Vinay in deep penance that later led to repentance and return of his award
Bug-free Vinay in deep penance that later led to repentance and return of his award

Vinay Kumar, 28, works in a reputed software services company where he has been an employee from the last 5 years. Being a smart worker, he achieved numerous awards for his work in client’s projects; 100% issue proof delivery has been his trademark.

He was even nicknamed ‘Bug-Free’ for his amazing talent of negotiating with quality assurance to not raise bugs while testing.

Vinay’s career was progressing quite well until the client discovered first ever production bug in an application handled by him. His heart sank as he received the escalation email; something which he never saw before.

The merciless, practical world was welcoming him, making him forget how he’d spent 5 rosy years in the organization.

Faking News reached the company’s lobby to meet ‘Bug-Free’ Vinay Kumar and understand what exactly happened.

“In the last 5 years of my career, the client has loved me as much as the quality assurance team has hated me. I never allowed bugs to creep into my work,” said Vinay as he continued to narrate the incident.

“I take the moral responsibility for having introduced a malfunction in client’s divine application. I consider myself a sinner. The ‘Employee of the Year’ award I received this year doesn’t belong to me anymore; for I have introduced bugs that deeply hurt the sentiments of client. After long thought, I have returned the award to the management,” he said.

Vinay is believed to have coded the faulty component 100 times as an imposition and submitted it to the client as repentance for the committed sin, while the management welcomed Vinay’s return and sold the memento as a refurbished item on OLX. The money received from this sale is believed to have gone into the team’s birthday cake funds.

While our reporters were leaving, one seemingly jealous team member quipped, “Losing senses just because one received an escalation email is a reflection of how poor their emotional quotient is. Look at me, I’ve been released from the team twice for non-performance but somehow I managed to come back into the team.”

Our intellectual sources from the field of IT warn the new comers to this field to be as practical as possible because office is neither about feeding the ‘First in Class’ pride you had at school nor about unbending ways to achieve results.