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Employee back to office after Diwali vacations works determinedly, sends Boss in shock

16, Nov 2015 By sameer mahawar

Mumbai: The festivity and liveliness exhibited by any Indian during Diwali automatically gets doubled when he gets few extra days off from work. And the same gets decimated to almost nil when he has to go back to work once the holidays are over.

Boss shocked after seeing employee working diligently after Diwali vacations
Boss shocked after seeing employee working diligently post Diwali vacations

But reverse happened on Monday when Mr. Parth Kamchor, an IT employee, went to his office in a delighted mood and started working passionately, showing full zeal.

This uncultured behavior of Mr. Parth was observed when other employees were sitting with dull and grief stricken faces on their desk, thinking why holidays got over at a quick speed and Parth was seen working with sheer concentration, with fully convinced that festival days are over now and one has to face the same heat of meeting the targets and deadlines as before.

Mr. Rohit Chaploos, a colleague of Mr. Parth, gave us the description of what happened on Monday.

“As it was Monday, morning blues were obvious. Also, people have returned from vacations, all of them had frown faces except one. We discovered that Parth was happy as he had received Diwali gifts from family and friends which he successfully handed over to other guests, playing parcel-parcel, keeping no inventory with him. This accomplishment made him proud of himself as he reduced his Diwali gifts costs to Nil this year, giving a cut-throat competition to Indian aunties,” said a little disappointed Rohit, who himself had to spent few bucks on gifts even after availing cashback from various e-commerce sites.

Though Parth Kamchor’s passion for work was a positive sign for his team, it sent his manager Mr. Nirdaya Muafkar into a state of shock. It was unbelievable for him to see Parth showing such ambition for work, which he hadn’t shown anytime during the year, not even on the day of ratings. Mr Nirdaya was later on admitted to a far by hospital where he was given electric shocks to recover from the previous shock.

When this thing was escalated to HR, she also almost went into depression seeing a happy employee in the company.

Sources say that Parth has been approached by many companies to hold sessions on gifts rotation during festival seasons so that their employees work determinedly like him after coming back from festivals.