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Employee fired after he didn't use Boss's favorite Arial font to make ppt

27, Aug 2016 By Hemant Bijapurkar

Bengaluru: An employee working in a leading FMCG company was today fired by an enraged boss after he didn’t use his boss’s favorite Arial front to make a PowerPoint presentation. The boss was reportedly very enraged after the employee showed the nerve to question his choice and ultimately his authority.

Your boss' font should also be your favorite font
Your boss’ font should also be your favorite font

We spoke to the recently jobless employee who for the first time since starting his career has been free for half an hour at a stretch. He said, “Well as usual I was making my 20th ppt of the day and for the previous 19 I had completely made sure that I used the required font, template, spacing etc all the while not paying any attention on the content. So while making the infamous 20th ppt, I don’t know what entered my head I decided to travel the path never traveled and focus on what is written rather than how it’s written.”

“So I deleted the existing presentation and then though up ideas that would genuinely make a difference and if implemented correctly would have ensured an upside of more than 30%. So in my excitement I also decided to be a rebel and changed the texture, front, added some better pictures to give a breath of fresh air to Microsoft PowerPoint. Little did I know it would come back to haunt me,” he added.

We also managed to connect with his boss who incidentally had never worked for half an hour at a stretch since the start of his career. “I agree that the intentions of my employee were good but innovations and questioning the authority are very dangerous traits. If I insist that Ariel should be used in ppt then it must be blindly followed even if it doesn’t make any sense. If I like something then even you must like it! If I didn’t fire him then people would stop being afraid of me and speak their mind like stop calling my immense beer belly a very cute Winnie the Pooh belly,” he said in an authoritative tone.