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Employee posts his pic after voting, gets called to office to work for remaining day

11, Apr 2014 By Shaitaan Khopdi ™

New Delhi: Rahul Chopra, a young IT employee voted for the first time (not counting the sms votes for his favorite contestants on various reality shows) in his life, soon paid the price of his over enthusiasm.

Like any other young first time voter, he posted his picture on Facebook with ink mark on index finger soon after voting.

Inked Finger
Why do bad things happen to good people?

Unfortunately for him, his manager DK Bose was also active on Facebook since morning. Bose immediately liked his status and left a comment: “Voting is done…Kudos!!! Now come to the office. We have a deadline tomorrow.”

Explaining the whole event, a shattered Rahul shared his pain with Shaitaan Khopdi™:

“I got up early in the morning and reached polling booth at 7AM. Since there wasn’t much crowd, I was done with voting by 8AM. I came home, took a pic clearly showing the ink mark on index finger and posted on Facebook. Soon people started liking and commenting on it. My manager, who doesn’t even like the weekly status reports, liked my Facebook status. It was amazing. But soon I realized why did he like after reading his comment.”

“I thought of deleting the post immediately but at the very moment Neha (my team mate) also posted her pic. For a moment I thought that DK Bose will call Neha as well, so no problem in going to office. But Bose did not ask her to come to office. By then DK Bose had sent a mail to me with screenshot of my post attached and marked Project Manager in CC. He wrote:

Rahul is available for whole day, he is going to work on it and finish it by end of day today. Neha, enjoy your well deserved day off.”

“It was too late to even think about deleting the status,” Rahul rued.

Faking News asked Rahul what he was planning to do otherwise. He told us that he was planning to go to malls and hang out with his cool friends.

When we indicated him that malls might also remain close during the day because mall employees also get a day off to cast their vote, he got surprised.

“What?? So they don’t work for whole day? Voting takes just 15-20 minutes, why can’t they come back after that and open the shops?” said a puzzled looking Rahul.