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Employee ties a cow outside boss's house after getting less than expected appraisal

25, Jul 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

Bengaluru: In the latest incident on Friday, a man attacked by a mob on suspicion of cow smuggling in Rajasthan’s Alwar bled out as policemen took him to hospital three hours after they found him. The policemen first made arrangements for Rakbar Khan’s cows before taking him to hospital. The news has become a scary topic for discussion with mob lynchings spreading across the nation at a rapid pace. People are trying to use the mob lynchings for their own benefit. Just yesterday an employee in Bengaluru tied a cow outside his boss’s house after getting less than expected appraisal.


Shwetank had been a hard worker for all these years and was expecting an excellent appraisal this time. He had done all necessary things like sending good morning messages to his boss, bringing grocery for the boss’s family, paying all the utility bills on time and also cleaning the desk of his boss. He was so sure about a good appraisal that he had recently bought a car knowing that he will easily afford the EMI.

But his dreams crashed on Monday when he got the appraisal letter which showed that he was given a less than expected appraisal. After a thorough investigation, he found that his colleagues had worked even harder than him. Some of them had booked movie tickets for their boss, some had worked on Sundays throughout the year. This left Shwetank heart-broken and thinking of ways to teach a lesson to his boss.

Finding it difficult to directly ask his boss about the appraisal or arguing over the basis of allocation, Shwetank tied a cow outside his boss’s house when his boss was asleep at night. This was done with the obvious intention of attracting violent mobs towards his boss. No causality has been reported as the cow found in the morning was handed over to the animal welfare people.