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Engg student opens text book by mistake during vacation, worried parents check if is he really doing engineering

16, May 2015 By dasu

Jaipur. On a bright Sunday morning when Mr. Sharma was coming back from his morning walk, his wife told him something which was unusual for the couple to digest. Their only son for whom they have mortgaged their house to pay the donation was found with an open text book that too during summer vacation.

Hearing this, Mr. Sharma rushed inside to check whether the Tata Sky monthly package has expired or the Wi-Fi connection has any problem. He was not worried about his son’s mobile plan as he knew as part of papa ko khush karo (make your father happy) plan, he has shared enough data and talk time for his son to use.

Mr. Sharma spoke to Mr. Agarwal, his neighbor who was more interested in Junior Sharma’s career and academic performance than his own son’s.

“WTF are you upto?” screamed his father after seeing this.

“Agarwalji, my son is in to 6th semester, I have seen him carrying the text books during all his vacations. I am so glad books always look fresh & new as if no one has ever opened it by mistake. But can you imagine this kind of strange scenario, when IPL season is on, Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, Torrent all working fine, an engineering student will open a text book? Is there something really changed with our engineering college education system, which we are not aware of? I am really worried about him. Mrs. Sharma did not have her breakfast after seeing all this. Today being a Sunday I could not contact the college authority. I have sent a message to principal through WhatsApp, hopefully he will respond back when the office opens on Monday.”

Mr. Agrawal wanted to help his worried neighbors and spoke to Sharma junior to know the truth. He found out, the engineering Sharma kept his school time love letter inside some book to hide it from his current girlfriend Neha as one day she visited his hostel room like warden will normally do without any notice. Poor Sharma has to open all the books to find out that precious letter.

Sharma Junior said, “Uncle, I am not a nerd. My brain is working perfectly fine, why I have to study while doing engineering. For me pack of cigarettes with photocopy of our topper’s notebook & one night out before exam will be good enough to get a respectable CGPA. I have no interest to top and be a joke in FB like poor Sarthak Agarwal was after topping CBSE exam last year. Even to sit in campus interview of prestigious companies like Infosys, there is no minimum cut off needed anymore.”

“Uncle you must remember now a days if you score consistently nobody will consider you talented, it’s people like Rohit Sharma who are considered born talents to rule the world,” boy argued.