Engineer donates 500 Rs to PM relief fund; ED raids his home to find source of income

29, Mar 2020 By Santosh Pradhan

An engineer in Bengaluru donated 1000 Rs to the PM relief fund and shared the screenshot on social media. Soon it went viral and people reported the matter to police. Police then forwarded it to the ED and the ED raided Shwetank Jain’s house.


Shwetank works for an IT company in Bengaluru and gave all the details about his source of income. He told the police that he had been saving this amount for last 4 years and finally decided to give all the amount for charity.

The ED then too went into all the details and only left his house after being 100% sure that the money was legal. Engineers all across the nation have to show proof of their income before doing the donation. Donation of black money is not acceptable in this new India.

A nationwide lockdown in India – the world’s largest – over the coronavirus pandemic is wreaking havoc on thousands of migrant workers in the capital, New Delhi.

With few transport options available, thousands of people, mostly young male day laborers but also families, have resorted to commuting on foot during the 21-day lockdown