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Engineer doubles his weight in 2 months, tired of being labeled 'Single' all his life

26, Mar 2016 By Vinayak Kanade

Mumbai: Swapnil Vedak, an Engineering student from a renowned college in Mumbai, has shocked everyone by what some may call an act out of sheer frustration.

Double and Happy
Double and Happy

Swapnil vowed to gain his weight equal to the weight during his ‘Single’hood in an attempt to double himself and thereby shed the tag of being single. He achieved the feat in just 60 days.

What is very common amongst engineers in India is not having a girlfriend, for that matter even a Girl-friend. The students attribute this to the disheartening Sex ratio in these colleges.

Vishwesh, a civil engineering student from DMCE college was approached by FN considering the talents that he is loaded with.

“I can solve a Rubik’s cube in less than 10 seconds, I play guitar and have played Badminton at the state level. All this seemed to have been rather easy than wooing a girl. Thanks to presence of just 3 girls in our class of 64. I sometimes envy my cousin pursuing Pharmacy who has a breakup every month,” said a dejected Vishwesh.

We got in touch with a few close friends of Swapnil who came forth saying Swapnil was one of the smartest studs of our college. Seeing him in his New Avatar on re-opening of college has left even some of his guy friends devastated.

Prakash who secretly had a crush on Swapnil said “I just cannot believe what he has done to himself. He was the one who always showed on the outside that he was single by choice. Now we know what was eating him from past few months.”

Swapnil, who was initially reluctant to talk to FN on the matter, has opened up with his heart breaking story.

“I had always kept my friends and cousins under the impression that I was Single by choice when deep down I wanted to be with someone, with whom I was very happy and content. But getting hooked with someone from our college was next to impossible. And every time girls outside the campus came to know about my engineering background they saw me as desparate. Of late I found the word ‘Single’ haunting me.”

When asked what triggered this decision to double himself up, Swapnil was in tears recalling that day in the college canteen. “I ordered for an idli-wada and just to let Anna know I did not want a plate each, I asked for one each. To which anna asked me from a distance ‘Single Na ?’. That’s when I felt I had enough. I ordered for 8 plates of Idli wada and decided that very moment to gain lots of weight”, he said.

The engineering students across the country hope for a change in the scenario. But as of now their agonies don’t seem to be ending with Swapnil being a prime example of that.