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Engineer drops out of college to pursue his passion of clearing entrance exam, gets admission in the same college again

24, Aug 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

3 Idiots states that we the students will excel in something that we have our interest in and something that pulls our very soul. Aamir Khan, the guy playing the role of Ranchodas or Mr. Wangdu helps his friend overcome the fear and makes them run behind something that is made for them. He gives them the power to convince their parents. But students have been learning lot more from the movie. Some students who were already following their passion also dropped out of colleges to again try and find out their passion. One of those students, Jagdish Malik spoke to Faking News .


Jagdish Malik was a bright student right from his childhood days and was always a topper. His ability and sheer passion for clearing entrance exams got him admission into one of the top Engineering colleges of India, RIT ( Ranchoddas Institute of Technology). Everything was going fine until the 3rd year when Jagdish watched 3 Idiots on the big screen. Finally, he took the difficult call, dropped out of the college. After 1 year he realized that his only passion in life was to clear entrance exams, so he again appeared for exams cleared it and got admission in the same college. Just like Jagdish there are many students who were actually following their passion but 3 Idiots forced them to again find out their passion.

Rajkumar Hirani has set out to make 3 Idiots part 2 where he will specify that even after complete your college you can pursue your passion and there is no separate need to drop out of college.