Engineer pays 23000 Rs traffic fine, IT team raids his house to find source of his income

10, Sep 2019 By Guest Patrakar

Mumbai. Traffic fines are the talk of the town. People are sharing some weird stories of how they are paying traffic fines and how they are avoiding paying the traffic fines. But we have encountered a different take all together today.


A Mumbai based Engineer had his house raided by the CBI as they wanted to find that how did he manage to pay such a hefty fine when Engineers today are not known to have so much money with the.

Jagdish Malik, who had recently shifted to Mumbai paid a fine of 23000 Rs today. He was carrying the cash with his. Traffic cops who received the fine were surprised that a person would carry so much cash, and soon when Jagdish left the spot, traffic cops informed the CBI about the incident. CBI sent a search team to Jagdish’s house and found out that he just like many Engineers doesn’t have a job, but luckily belongs to a very rich family. He carries cash amount of 50k to 1Lac wherever he goes and it was routine for him to pay a fine in cash.

Engineers around the country who were shocked to know that a fellow Engineer has so much money can finally breathe a sigh of relief.