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Engineering college kidnaps 12th pass student to make him an engineer, asks 4-year-fees as ransom

15, Jul 2014 By idiot420

Patna. Pakarua Engineering College, a newly opened engineering college located in the outskirts of the city, has kidnapped Gaurav Trivedi, a 12th pass student, to make him an engineer.

The unfortunate incident took place yesterday at an admission fair in the famous Gandhi Maidan, where colleges from various states have set up direct admission stalls to allure prospective candidates.

Kidnappers wrapped Gaurav in a graduation gown before kidnapping.

An eyewitness said, it all started when representatives of a college from Chennai and Pakarua Engineering College (PEC) got into a minor scuffle over pulling Gaurav towards their respective admission booths. Soon after that, PEC representatives dragged Gaurav in their car and ran away from the site.

As per admission fair organizers, PEC took this drastic step as it wasn’t getting enough candidates to fill all the seats.

“Colleges sometimes do such things to recover their expenses,” explained the head of fair organizing team.

Around four hours after the kidnapping, Gaurav’s parents received a ransom e-mail cum admission offer letter, congratulating them for their son’s selection for college’s prestigious Mechanical Engineering course.

Gaurav’s father Mr. Dinesh Trivedi is in serious dilemma over whether to inform police or not, as kidnappers have promised to return Gaurav with an engineering degree.

“They are asking for a ransom of Rs 5 lakh, and also giving flexibility to pay it across four years as semester fees,” disclosed Mr. Trivedi, highlighting one of the points which was making the proposal irresistible.

To assure Gaurav’s parents that their son was fine, kidnappers even sent them a video of Gaurav.

“In the video Gaurav was playing counter strike along with other kidnapped boys, he looked really happy,” Mr. Trivedi told Faking News.

A source close to family revealed that Trivedis were giving a serious thought over the offer, and considering all options to get the best possible deal.

“They not happy with Mechanical Engineering seat, as a cousin of Gaurav, who works for Infosys, told them that Computer Engineering was much better from the placements angle,” the source disclosed. As a result, Gaurav’s father has asked for Computer Engineering seat while replying to the ransom email. The kidnappers i.e. the college management, are yet to get back.

Meanwhile, Gajendra Sharma, a neighbor of Trivedi family, has himself approached kidnappers requesting them to kidnap his son too, as he was not getting admission in any college because of poor performance in engineering entrance exams as well as pathetic grades in schools.

Social scientists say that this trend of “forced engineering” could grow stronger as this was not any different from the way many students get into engineering colleges in the first place. “Instead of kidnappers, it’s the parents who force the kids,” a social scientist explained, “This is just backward integration of what is known as pakadua biyaah in this region, where grooms are abducted and married off.”