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Engineering student, approached by girl in his dream, decides to remain asleep till Valentine’s Day

11, Feb 2014 By idiot420

Allahabad. In a bizarre incident that has captured country’s attention, a 3rd year student of Baba Brahmchari College of Engineering has decided to remain asleep till Valentine’s Day after he was approached by a girl in his dream.

Swapan Shukla went to sleep around 3 AM on 11th of February, which happens to be ‘Promise Day’ of the ongoing Valentine week.

“I woke up at 11 AM, but Swapan was still sleeping. After a couple of hours I heard him sleep talking, it appeared as if he met someone in his dream. ‘Hi Nisha, felt good that you tried to talk to me. I promise you on this Promise Day, that I will be here till Valentine’s Day,’ these were his exact words,” revealed Sawapan’s hostel roommate Ganpat.

Katrina Kaif in dreams
The ongoing romance of the engineer

“I was so happy that I decided to let him sleep for a few hours more and thought that he would wake up. But it didn’t happen, it’s then I realized what Swapan had said while in his sleep,” Ganpat added.

After attaining this realization, Ganpat informed everyone in the hostel and on campus that Swapan was dreaming of a girl. The news spread like wildfire across campuses and by the evening, people were queuing up to see the Kumbhkarn in Love.

Sources tell Faking News that Swapan’s room has become a pilgrimage spot where hostel inmates are praying for his success.

“We want our brother to achieve the mythical feat of spending Valentine’s Day with a girlfriend,” explained one of the praying engineers.

“I knew, one day he will make us feel proud. Haqeeqat mein na sahi, khwab mein hi sahi, koi to mili,” said another student from the college.

While many are praying, there were some who already declared Swapan successful. They were spotted touching his feet to take his blessings.

Swapan’s hostel room has been decorated with flowers and his friends have even placed a teddy bear next to him.

However, on being told that there was no point of getting into a relationship in dreams, one of the hostellers, who was also a self proclaimed movie buff quoted a dialogue from ‘Inception’, while taking a puff of cigarette, “The dream has become his reality. Who are you to say otherwise, son?”