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Engineering student falls sick after sleeping on a clean bed sheet for 2 days

15, Nov 2018 By dasu

Bengaluru: Prem, a third-year engineering student fell sick with rashes all over his body. He was admitted to a private hospital near his college. Upon diagnosis, it was found he is suffering from an allergic condition normally seen in engineering students who suddenly deviate from their standard life style.

engg student

“The allergy had no link with water as Prem told last time he took last bath was few semesters back. I immediately asked his roommate to bring his pillow cover and bed sheet”, said Dr. Mahesh N, skin specialist working for MoneyLal hospital.

“My assessment was right, due to the use of a clean bed sheet for two days, his condition aggravated. After that I asked the nurse to put a standard hostel bed sheet in the bed Prem was occupying. Within hours his condition improved, discharged him with a warning,” added Dr. Mahesh.

According to Dr. Mahesh this is not unusual. “Bengaluru People who are habituated to cross Silkboard two times a day, if you send them somewhere where there is no traffic jam, they will suffer from a condition called jamlack. Similarly move a BMTC user inside Metro, person will feel dizziness due to inhaling of so much unpolluted air. Our bodies are accustomed to certain condition for years. We should not suddenly change,” advised Dr. Mahesh.

After Prem and his roommate Adithya left, some patients complained to nurse about a foul smell, something like when a rat dies inside house. After scanning the ward, the hospital staff found smell was coming from a pair of socks Adithya had dropped in the dustbin kept near Prem’s bed.