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Engineering student returns from College Holi in un-torn shirt, College cancels Holi leave

05, Mar 2015 By Ashish Kedia

Greater Noida. In a shocking turn of events, an engineering student reportedly from a college in Greater Noida has been reported to have returned from his college Holi with all his clothes intact. Ex-students of the college as well as the entire student community from all around the country have expressed grief and disappointment on this unprecedented event.

While college administration claims this to be the result of increasing level of laziness & fatigue among the students, another cultural organization claimed it to be an effort to malign the cultural heritage and prevailing traditions.

College is planning to do this to him.
College is planning to do this to him.

An inquiry has also been setup by the management of the college as they suspected that some foul play may be involved. An insider source on the promise of anonymity said, “He might as well have kept another pair of shirt in his bike and could have changed in to it on his way home. We are very cautiously looking in to the matter as nothing of this sort has ever happened before.”

To lighten the depressing environment of the college the administration has postponed the Holi leave and students most probably will be playing Holi again tomorrow. A special team of experienced miscreants have been appointed at the gates in a measure of caution.

“If he comes out clean, good, else we shall cancel the official Holi leave for every student,” College Principal threatened.

We also tried to contact the student in question but could not reach him. His friends told us that he was a bit disappointed but was doing fine. They are looking forward to next day’s celebration and ensured us that they will surely tear his shirt this time.

On being asked about what happened today, they explained that he was probably wearing a very tight T-shirt which was of skin color. So they did not notice it in all the fanfare and probably allowed this misfortune to happen.

Meanwhile some unconfirmed reports have suggested that the cultural wing is also planning to distribute easy-to-tear loose kurta’s outside college campus tomorrow.