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Engineering student stuns everyone by changing bed sheet on Diwali

04, Nov 2013 By kachcha_khiladi

Kanpur. Students at Bhabha Hostel of Lazy Institute of Technology were shocked this morning when they saw a brand new clean bed sheet in one of the rooms.

The bed sheet was changed by a male student during Diwali cleaning of boys’ hostel, a concept that is not part of the engineering curriculum anywhere in the country.

The changed bed sheet was first spotted by Sid, roommate of Sam, the final year Electronics Engineering student who took this extra ordinary step, which is reported to be the first in the history of independent India.

Sources tell Faking News that Sid fainted at the sight of the new bed sheet. It was not until the old bed sheet, which was integral part of Sam’s bed for the last three years, was brought close to his nose, that he regained consciousness.

Hostel Room
The shocking sight

After gathering some strength, Sid said, “For the past 36 months, my eyes were used to seeing that flower pattern bed sheet and now all of a sudden, it was not there. I had seen the bed sheet grow from light orange to orange and finally to dark brown. It was like a baby to all of us.”

Sid pleaded with Sam to get the old bed sheet back, but Sam refused.

“He has become so stone-hearted, like those stone patterns on the new bed sheet,” Sid rued, “Even Moti (the hostel dog) who used to sneak into our room when we were not there, has been whining since morning. Moti used to jump on the bed and loved the feel the texture of the earlier bed sheet.”

Sid claimed that Sam was a big fan of Bulla and used to keep the door khulla (open) during the day. But now, he was closed to all suggestions of getting the old bed sheet back.

Sahil, another engineering student from the same hostel, was also disappointed with Sam’s decision.

“It is a sad day for all of us. It was not just a bed sheet, but an alarm clock for all of us. As soon as Sam opened the door in the morning, the fragrance would reach our rooms and we would all be out in a minute; such was its influence,” he said.

Sam claims that he knew that his actions would have far reaching impacts, but he couldn’t change the decision as it was too late now. In order to preserve memories, Sam had instagramed the moment when he was changing the bed sheet.

For the benefit of the students’ community, he shared it on Facebook, where floral tributes are being paid by every student of Lazy Institute of Technology.

Meanwhile, the hostel dhobi Ramu was quite ecstatic upon hearing that Sam bhaiya had finally decided to give the old bed sheet for cleaning.

“Although I have 15 years of experience at dhobi ghat but this is a new challenge in my professional career. I will be using some latest in-house chemicals, detergents, and all my experience to bring the bed sheet back to its original color,” Ramu said.

The whole hostel is now waiting with bated breath for the day when Ramu comes back with the bed sheet. Sources say some Chemical Engineering students have applied for leaves and want to witness how Ramu could survive handling something they believe could be as serious as acid rain.