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Engineering student takes more than 10 mins to reply to a girl's text

04, Jun 2017 By Guest Patrakar

Nagpur: Engineering student takes more than ten minutes to reply to a girl’s text forcing the college to most likely expel the student.

Amit, student of a Nagpur based engineering college shook the entire engineering community when he took more than ten minutes to reply to a girl’s message. College dean has called it an act of maligning the college’s reputation.


On Friday, at around 11:13 PM, Shakshi, Amit’s batch mate texted him on whatsapp asking him to get the photo copy of his coaching notes.  Reportedly, Amit was last seen online at 11:13, but for some unknown reasons he didn’t reply Shakshi in next ten minutes. Amit’s act has become a topic of discussion across the country.

Faking News reporter spoke to college dean, Mr. Desperate Parera. Mr. Parera said “This is a serious offence, we will not let any student malign the college’s reputation. College has been known for giving good and desperate engineers to society. If someone can’t become anyone of the two, he doesn’t deserve college degree. We are still investigating the issue and if Amit is found guilty we won’t think twice before expelling him

Amit’s friends are trying to defend Amit by saying that Amit’s phone battery died and he couldn’t find charger for next ten minutes. While initial investigation report says that Amit was connected to internet all through the incident. Amit has refused to make any comment on the issue yet.

Shakshi has called it the worst day of her engineering tenure. Shakshi updated her facebook status “That phase of life when even an engineer guy ignores you •☎ “