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Engineering students request Mann Ki Baat from PM Modi on Valentine's Day

07, Feb 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: After Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi asked people to send suggestions for the topic for his next Mann Ki Baat, he has received thousands of letters from engineering students across India asking him to do a special Mann Ki Baat on Valentine’s Day.

Modi listening to Mann ki baat of engineers
Modi listening to Mann ki baat of engineers

Generally Mann Ki Baat is aired on the last Sunday of every month but this time on special demand, it may get shifted to the 14thof February.

“It is a real challenge for us every year. The whole world is out exchanging roses, cards and teddy bears and going on romantic dinners and we are sitting behind the wine shop having Old Monk with handpump water. This really affects us psychologically and the damage to our mind is immense. That is why we requested Narendra Modi ji to address this issue during his next Mann Ki Baat.” A final year engineering student Lokesh told us.

“He himself is living a bachelor life so he must have some tips for us on how to go through life without having a girlfriend. Experienced people like him should guide us through these tough times.” Lokesh added.

“Modi ji keeps saying he wants to address the problems faced by common citizens of the country. Who is more common than Engineers? You can find an engineering college on every nukkad these days. Our problems must get priority as well and spending Valentine’s Day alone is a very big problem for us.” Said another student Akshay.

When we asked a group of students why they don’t try to get a date for 14th February, they laughed out loud and told us that this must be our first time inside the campus of an engineering college.

Meanwhile, Right Wing Hindu organisations have warned PM Modi to avoid talking about Valentine’s Day and instead do a Mann Ki Baat on respect for parents on the 14th of February