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Engineers across the world unite to plan on saving embarrassment during lover's week this Feb

30, Jan 2018 By Guest Patrakar

It’s February guys! And a week later it will be that time of the year that singles hate the most – the Valentines week. And when it’s about singles how can we forget Engineers. But this time the Engineers have decided not to get embarrassed by couples and in order to save themselves from embarrassment they have a few plans in place. Let’s find out what those are.

The All India Association of Engineers (AIAE) has decided to take steps to avoid embarrassment during the upcoming Valentines week. We talked to their president Anil Kumar on this and asked him what were his plans. Anil said, “As we all know, we Engineers are single by birth and we remain single till our parents find us a bride.

We are so single that even Sunil Gavaskar can’t convert us into twos and every year in February we suffer a lot embarrassment because of this. To avoid further embarrassment, this year we will be asking for donations from engineers all over the country to go to Thailand to avoid our loneliness. We will also be collaborating with Bajrang Dal this time so that we can take down couples who make fun of our singlehood and make us feel jealous by their PDAs every Valentines Day.”

Another mechanical engineer from Delhi told us about his plans in detail. He said “We will be joining the Romeo squad of Ghaziabad and Noida to make sure that no couple can enjoy its Valentines Day this year. We will catch them, inform the police and their parents to spoil their plan.”

Even during the last Valentines Day, many Bajrang Dal activists who had made couples marry on V-Day, were actually found to be engineers of IIT. But it looks like this time they are more organized and are raring to go.

Now the thing is both couples and Engineers have their plans sorted out for Valentines. It will be interesting to know whose plans get successful this year. What about your plan? Have you decided what your plan is this 14th Feb?