On the eve of Valentine's day, sale of hair removing cream and razor peaks, Govt asks 'where is the slowdown'  

13, Feb 2020 By @jurnoleast

V-day is here and like previous year, sales of grooming products has picked up this week. However, this time sroind the sales has not just picked up, it has skyrocketed. A report puts the increase in sales at 200% as compared to previous year.


“It seem both men and women are taking extra care of their personal hygiene this year. Hair removing cream in particualar are flying of the shelves in stores. Even on e-commerce sites, most of the products are sold out,” revealed a market analyst.

No wanting to losing out on the opportunity to hit back at critics, PM Modi questioned those who accused the Govt of leading the country into a economic slump. “Main poochta hu slowdown kaha hai. Iss desh ke yuva ne jawab de diya hai mitron,” he said while speaking at an event.

“Our goal of being a 5 trillion dollar economy is well on path. It’s time opposition parties acknowledge this fact and stop indulging in fear-mongering,” said Finance Minister.

Stocks of FMCG companies witnessed an intra-day high due to positive sentiments over V-day. “Many retailers in the metros revealed that they have exhausted their stock of grooming products for both men and women. Finally we may see a revival of the economy after a lackluster budget,” remarked a retailer.