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Even Pre-school admission will have JEE like entrance exam: Prakash Javadekar

21, Sep 2018 By Guest Patrakar

New Delhi: With only a few number of Pre-Schools around and most parents wanting their kids to join those schools, authorities are finding it hard to please all of them. After a lot of brain storming, the pre-school association has come up with an idea of having a JEE like entrance exam for admission


Gone are those days when entrance exams were necessary only for admissions into graduation and post grad colleges, kids now have to show their competitive spirit right from the very early days.

Our reporter caught up with Mr. Admiteshwar who is the head of pre-school association of Mumbai and he had this to say, “There is nothing to worry about. Most of the questions would be very simple and on topics which kids are aware of for e.g. GST, UP elections, English Premier league and Bollywood collections to name a few. Kids nowadays have access to almost all news and the test will give an unbiased platform to all kids to show their knowledge.”

Coaching centers have come up across the city for helping parents prepare their kids for the entrance exam. In fact the no of coaching centers have surpassed the no of pre-schools in the city. Even the coaching center association is planning an entrance exam to admit kids into their facilities.

If that was not enough counselling centers have opened up for kids who will fail to clear the coaching center entrance exam. Kids are definitely lucky to have such caring surroundings.

Even the parents seem happy. Some of the responses collected by our reporter include “Kids have to be competitive right from the beginning”, “At our age we dint have such coaching facilities, our kids are privileged and they should understand it”, “I would even suggest that they have a quota system in the exam, so that kids are better prepared for the future.”

Well, only time will tell if the exams are successful or not, at least there is a hope of creating a fair and transparent process in the education system