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After 'failing' to enter right CAPTCHA in 5 attempts, person reads 'Exam Warriors' before re-entering

21, Jun 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

CAPTCHAs present a very controversial topic: you can’t do without them as a webmaster and you can’t stand them as a user.  Some CAPTCHAs are just impossible to figure – no matter who you are (a robot or a human), you won’t pass the test. Shwetank Srivastava is one of those persons. He has started feeling inferior about himself after failing to enter the write CAPTCHA on the irctc website. But this type he didn’t give up like many other times. He took help of the ‘Exam Warrior’ book to overcome the inability to pass the CAPTCHA test.Angry-Laptop-©-Bowie15-Dreamstime-31130253-e1484239929159-1000x399

The ‘Exam warrior’ book has been promoted by the Modi government as a handbook to overcome stress during exams. But people have not realized the true use of the book. They think that the book can make them clear all the possible tests in the world. Shwetank is a strong believer in what Modi says. So much so that he has made it mandatory for his son to read the ‘Exam Warrior’ book before giving any test. be it the driving test too. Even before his eye test., he had read the book thrice to clear the test with flying colors.

Shwetank has been vocal about the benefits of the ‘Exam warrior’ book and has been recommending it to other friends too. But he crossed the limits when he offered the book to a female friend who was going to take a ‘Pregnancy Test’. Now that’s a bit too much to digest even for the government. The government has decided to put a disclaimer on the cover page that the reading of the book will benefit only in the real exams related to education and not any XYZ random test.