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Family calls off wedding after bride and groom say no to a candid photo shoot

21, Feb 2016 By snidescribe

Delhi: A local couple has shocked their families leading to cancellation of the wedding after they refused to pose for a candid photo shoot.

Registrar doesn't register a wedding till he sees such pics
Registrar doesn’t register a wedding till he sees such pics

Jatin Kunwar, a 29-year-old coder working at an IT giant was about to tie the knot with Sakshi, a 28-year-old tester, he met on his last job. A cause for celebration you would think but soon this celebration turned into a big family tragedy. “He was always a little different. He had even seen Ship of Theseus twice”, said Pooja Kunwar, between sobs, as she described her elder brother Jatin.

Jatin’s father said that Jatin was always peculiar as a child. He felt something had snapped inside Jatin when he went on-site to Paris for two months. The family is still unable to understand why Jatin wouldn’t check in at the airport each time he flew.

But Jatin’s family was fairly happy when Jatin agreed to tie the knot with Sakshi. They felt this would breathe a new life into Jatin’s near-invisible social media profile. They said before getting engaged the last update Jatin made was about switching jobs. But Jatin’s family was in for a shock. Just like Jatin, Sakshi too shunned social media. She didn’t have a single duck face photo on her Instagram. She had been to Goa in 2015 and she didn’t even share a single photo of a cute cocktail or shot of a sunset with the caption ‘Life is a beach’.

So, when before the wedding both Jatin and Sakshi declared that they weren’t going to do a candid photo shoot announcing their nuptials, the Kunwars were left speechless. Although they did share their outrage on social media. ‘It feels like he isn’t even family anymore. Maybe my parents really picked up the wrong baby at the hospital’, said Jatin’s sister while snapping a sad selfie for Instagram.

We tried reaching the bride’s side for a comment but received no official response. One of Sakshi’s distant cousins spoke under the condition of anonymity, “Hum kya bolein? Hum toh ladkiwaale hain. Sakshi ne humaari naak kataa di. Ab hum society mein kaise ‘selfie’ dikhaaenge?”.

Will Sakshi and Jatin bow down to family pressure and actually have a candid pre-wedding shoot? Will Sakshi actually share countdown photos where she uploads the same photo of her hands in henna with the caption ‘3 more days to go?’ We will bring you more updates as this shocking story develops on Faking News.